Mobile purging unit for onboard converters P/N:(AVM-93005-000) N.U.C.:365-AD-800-289

Purpose Mobile Unit

It is to dispense gaseous oxygen at temperatures and pressures such as to enable the reclamation of the liquid oxygen converters installed on board the aircraft .

Principle of operation

The oxygen required for the process of remediation comes from an oxygen tank AVIO, loaded to about 200 bar, previously insallata unit. A flexible hose for connecting the tank to the AP container filtrodeumidificatore cartridge type MA-1. The gas, filtered and dehumidified, then passes adjustable reducer which reduces the pressure to the desired value within 0 ÷ 25 bar. From the output of the regulator, the gas then flows in a serpentine, heated by a elettroresisenza, placed inside a 'wardrobe metal. A digital temperature controller controls the power of resistance, by means of a thermocouple inserted in the flow of gas exiting from the heater, by adjusting the gas temperature on the preset value. The compartment heater inside the wardrobe is completely insulated to limit heat losses and the overheating of the electrical components inserted nell'armadiatura. The aforementioned switch, indicator lights, power cable and insulated and flexible hose connecting the outlet of the heater to the connection of the converter board complete the unit which is mounted on a carriage with two wheels that allows the necessary.

Technical features

Voltage : 220 VAC
Power: 2200 VA
Frequency : 50 Hz
Inlet pressure oxygen - max : 200 kg / cm²
Outlet pressure oxygen - max : 15 kg / cm²
Height : 1000 mm
Width : 720 mm
Depth : 560 mm
Weight ( bottle included): ca. 180 1/1 '

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