Gasseous Oxygen Service Trailer P/N:(AVM-95007-0000) N.U.C.:3655-AD-800-0344

Purpose Unit

It is to ensure the supply of oxygen aviation aircraft provided with facility to gaseous oxygen at low or high pressure .
Principle of operation

The unit has six rooms for normal oxygen tanks from 40 liters each. With a pre-shaped serpentine connection and a ramp to a collecting six inputs, equipped with pressure taps and valves individual, oxygen delivered from the cylinders, individually or simultaneously open, comes to the block control taps below the control panel inserted in bore rear of the carriage between the entrances of rooms cylinders. The opening of the high-pressure cock (in the yellow sector of the picture) or the low pressure (in the gray sector of the framework) allows to send, according to necessity, oxygen at high pressure or low pressure (28 Kg / cm² presettable and verifiable advance through the knob of the pressure regulator and pressure gauge BP) to the aircraft, after passage through the filter dryer, the hose from 9 meters and the ball valve with ¼ NPT connection for the specific nozzle supply of each type of aircraft.

Technical features

F.t length : 3000 mm
Height ft (empty and with flyers in the unlocked position cylinders ) : 1200 mm
F.t width : 1500 mm
Eye height from ground level to cart : 580 mm
Empty weight: 310 kg
Gross vehicle weight ( with 6 cylinders of oxygen aviation from 40 l / each ) : max 750 kg
Recommended inflation pressure : 5 kg / cm²
Maximum permissible inflation pressure : 6.5 kg / cm²
Maximum speed : 25 km / h

Equipment Toolbox irons
# 1 : Yoke connection cylinders for emergency charging
1 : Open wrench 12x14
1 : Open wrench 20x22
1 : Open wrench 24x26
1 : Open wrench 25x28

Ph. +39.0831.57 20 06

Fax +39.0831.18 80 144

The operational headquarters: Via M. Curie n.19/23, 72100 Brindisi REA n° BR-55913

Registered office: Via Zuretti n.11, 71121 Foggia – REA n° FG-321961